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of Skin Game & Reyes--part 1

I'm just starting chapter 4 of Skin Game by Ava Gray, which came very highly recommended by the Fabulous Book Bitches (go see my twitter list & follow them!) so far I am loving the writing style & am very intrigued by the characters Kyra & Reyes. I'm also intrigued by Kyra's powers & where they come from. is she a witch? fae? alien? the sex is H.O.T. if it gets any hotter my eyeballs may catch fire. I can't wait =D


Sparklybearsy said...

you tease me so with hints at fabo sex, bt! just as you tease me putting up HAWT pics of vampy damon n stefan! i must pounce them!

Fiction Vixen said...

Ah yes, Skin Game is on my top ten for 2009. Excellent read. :)

You've been tagged in an m/m meme on my blog

Don't let me down...check it out :)

jaymzangel said...

@Fiction Vixen argh! no pressure at all, madam! LOL I'm a meme virgin. I had to ask Mandi yesterday what a meme was =P I promise to take a whack at it but I make no promises on the quality of the results ;)

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