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Kick Ass Blog Awards

o_O I've won an award. SQUEE! I've still not been told if it's chocolate or if I can eat it yet, but I remain hopeful. big sloppy kissies to my PIC
sparklybearsy (via the lovely Parajunkee) for giving it to me *evil grin* the award I mean =D

The rules of this award are as follows:

Pass it on to 5 blogs you think are kick ass and explain why. Here are my choices:

Fiction Vixen whose name I, for some unknown reason, always seem to typo as Fixion Vixen =P I've no idea why. I love her cheeky reading pinup & dammit, reading IS sexy. she totally cracks me up. plus, I think she wants to touch me....what do you mean no? her latest blog says....oh, well never mind then. ;)

katiebabs witty, snarky AND she's a red-head. color me happy ;) her WTFckery posts have me down right howling laughing, don't read them while eating or drinking. never mind how I know this.

Kris her phobia treatment is the fucking deal. for reals. mouthwatering pics, deliciously amusing, fabulous quotes AND has food on her page. there is no bad here.

Leontine for lovely comprehensive reviews, yummy delicious shirtless menz AND the hunk of the week. if only those unbutton pants were just one measly inch lower *AHEM*

Cecile who wouldn't love a blog that proclaims itself to be Hussy Heaven & has Sex On a Stick men? plus it took me 10 mins to peel myself away from the hot man-candy on her page =P


Larissa said...

Congrats on the award!!! im glad to see it making its rounds in so many kick=ass blogs since i created it 2 days ago =))))))))))

Fiction Vixen said...

Fixion Vixen...that works to. And you're right, I DO want to touch you. I will have you dammit! I will HAVE you. Fear me. :D

jaymzangel said...

@Larissa it really HAS gotten around, you should be proud =D thanks!

@Fiction Vixen oooo *shivers* I'm so scared *bats lashes* do hurry up! =D

Smokinhotbooks said...

YOU HAVE NIPPLE RINGS ON A HOT GUY *swoon* Seriously that made my day, cause you know I'm trying to get my hubs to get down with the nipple rings.

Congrats on your bloggy award!

jaymzangel said...

@smokinhotbooks thankies darling! don't worry, we'll get hubs all nipple ringed up yet. he can't escape, LOL

Marissa said...

Those abs and nipple rings are realy hawt!!! @Smokinhotbooks You get obessed with nipple rings LOL!

Congrats on the award!

jaymzangel said...

@marissa thanks! the nipple rings are hard to resist ;)

Sparklybearsy said...

Did my eyes decieve me, am i seeing batman smoochin' upon robin??!?!?!?

Oh be still my m/m lovin' heart! SQUEEEE!!!! hehe, love it BT! mwah!

Kris said...

Thanks, Jay hun!!

Slightly off topic, but I was thinking... Batman and Robin = Bobin... which just conjures up deliciously, smutty images, don't ya think. ;)

jaymzangel said...

@sparklybearsy LOL, anyone else come to mind when you see that? *wink wink nudge nudge*

@Kris you are most welcome, darling! Bobin does indeed conjure very naughty thoughts, glad I'm not the only one ;) must be the capes

Leontine said...

@sparklybearsy - The batcave suddenly got a whole different meaning doesn't it ;)

@Jaymzangle - Gongratz on this fab-award and despite my sick body I so feel kick ass right now *woohoo* thanks for making my day and passing this kewl award to me!

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