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"Yes, it's me! No, I'm not dead!" + a Giveaway contest!

She lives! Yes, yes indeed, I am alive. My poor neglected blog has missed me terribly, I'm sure. I'm just waiting for Blogger to error out or reject this post when I try to publish it, that'll be my punishment for being MIA for so long.

I started school in August so I've been super busy (which is no excuse, of course.) I am really enjoying my first semester in college even though I feel like an old bag in some of my classes as I am surrounded by a bunch of dual enrollment kids (still in high school) and I have my 30th birthday screaming on my doorstep. Baby classmates notwithstanding, I love school. Yes, I am a gigantic nerd.

Moving on, I decided that in honor of my ignominious return, I would do a giveaway! My first giveaway ever on a Bitch, a Blog & a Bookshelf, très exciting!

The main book in the giveway is (drumroll, please):

Scandalous Desires by Elizabeth Hoyt! Book #3 in the brilliant Maiden Lane series is the best one yet. See my Goodreads "review" aka gushing. I'm also throwing in a few other books that I will list as soon as I figure out what they are, hehe. This giveaway is open internationally. To enter, just leave me a comment below and tell me what you're currently reading or a November release you're looking forward to.

P.S. I'll throw your name in an extra time if you can tell me the title of the movie the quote in this post comes from *grins*

More books for the giveaway! Only two commenters?? C'mon people!


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