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Yes Master ~ a review of Comfort Food by Kitty Thomas

Disclaimer: please forgive me for this admittedly shite attempt at a review for this book, I am still finding it hard to form actual words at this point.

Summary from Goodreads:

Emily Vargas has been taken captive. As part of his conditioning methods, her captor refuses to speak to her, knowing how much she craves human contact. He's far too beautiful to be a monster. Combined with his lack of violence toward her, this has her walking a fine line at the edge of sanity. Told in the first person from Emily's perspective, Comfort Food explores what happens when all expectations of pleasure and pain are turned upside down, as whips become comfort and chicken soup becomes punishment.

Author Disclaimer:

This is not a story about consensual BDSM. This is a story about “actual” slavery. If
reading an erotic story without safewords makes you uncomfortable, this is not the
book for you. This is a work of fiction, and the author does not endorse or condone any behavior done to another human being without their consent.

I also love this dedication at the beginning: To silence. Not always the enemy of communication.

this book floored me. absolutely floored me. I've never read anything like it. I've read my share of BDSM (so I thought) but nothing this hardcore. there was nothing pretty or fluffy about it, just full on D/s M/s. it was simultaneously terrifying & wonderful. I cringed but couldn't look away. in fact, as I type this I have a headache because I don't think I blinked the entire time I was reading it.

the interaction between Emily & Master was horrible & sexy & vile & yet had a softness to part of it that should be ridiculous given the type of story it is. the co-dependency between the two of them by the end cannot be denied. I give kudos to Bear for reading it & not having anyone to OMG to because I was IM'ing her like crazy with things like, 'I think I need to have my head examined. I'm finding this so hot.' to which she replied (perfectly, of course) 'he has you, doesn't he?' oh yes, he did.

Master had me at 'Shhhh' or honestly even earlier, the first time he took Emily into the good room. Emily herself amazed me in her ability to analyze & reason out exactly what was going on with her own thoughts & emotions as well as Master's AND that she remained sane enough to not drive herself psycho.

I would probably be far more likely to think myself into insanity or a stroke in a similar situation. I'm too much of a mouthy, fighty, stubborn, bossy bitch. then again, one never knows what one will do in any given situation unless one is experiencing it. the human mind is a fascinating thing.

I loved Kitty Thomas' writing style, the words just had a lovely ebb & flow to them. I'm not a huge fan of first person narrative but it didn't bother me in the slightest with this, if anything I think it made it feel even more personal. the scenes written in third person provide more of an outside perspective, slightly voyeuristic.

there are no negatives to this book. it is different & frightening, taking you far from your normal comfort zone. morals must be left at the door & still you will struggle with your sense of right & wrong. it will stay with you long after you've finished reading it & for me, nothing is better than a book that will make you question ideas, beliefs, thoughts. could possibly also have you frantically IM'ing your friends who have also read Comfort Food with things like, 'I need to go to confession & I'm not even Catholic!' and 'I need a shrink. and a priest. I need an old priest & a young priest.'

Bottom line:
this is NOT for everyone. for some people, it will offend every fiber of their being. it will disturb you, make you think naughty things. things that you probably don't think you should be thinking. you will cringe & want to cover your eyes but won't be able to look away. it will activate your feminist side. totally screw how you look at the things you think people do to one another behind closed doors. it will make you question things you think you know about how you view certain situations, especially in a right or wrong capacity. you think you know, but you have no idea.

I loved this book. absolutely loved it. I expect it will keep fucking my head up for a good long time. that's just fine with me.


Party in the Eververse---it's Download Dante Day!!

The Download Dante Party!

Released Today!

You Burn Me: A Tale of the Eververse

A priestess of The Morrigan, Xxieda Rolla is a woman who has known success in her business, fulfillment in her family life and is only missing one thing: the love of the man that would have her for always. Sent to Shadow Heights New York by her goddess to find him, she meets the ever tasty, ever surly Dante Barratt. Sparks fly, and so does Amaretto Latte.

Dante, a dealer of rare and illegal commodities, and a very tempestuous fire demon might want the woman who's brown eyes haunt him, but knows better then to get involved with someone who just screams purity. Shes hot, and successful in ways he never could be, and knows a man that just gave away his soul like he did didn't deserve a woman like that.

After a chance encounter on a dark street corner, and an earth shattering kiss, Both are powerless to deny the chemistry between them... until Xxieda tells him her secret: shes a virgin.

Caught between his head and his heart, can Dante accept the fact that Fate sometimes gives us exactly what we really need, not what we think we want?

you really must check out Dante, the smokin' hot fire demon who the authors say is best represented by James Purefoy, SQUEE!

nom nom nom

Authors Note: This is a novella and answer to the question several readers have had of "What happened to Dante?" after his little cameo in Sugar and Sin.

And guess what? the book is Amazingly priced at 99 cents! that's right, a full 45k novella for only 99 cents! You know you wanna read about Dante and the woman that turns his world upside down, and now you can, for CHEAP!

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in which my readingFAIL was broken, also known as the glorious delight that is Lover Mine

ATTENTION: this will not be your typical review. #1-I'm not a typical girl #2-I'm not a pro blogger like some of the girls I follow. this will be a heartfelt gushfest over Lover Mine by JR Ward. there will be swooning, squealing panties & general squeeing over how much I absolutely love this book and will be marrying it in Vegas in the immediate future. so if you desire something beyond my squishy-headed ramblings, I hereby direct you to these lovely ladies: Mandi at Smexybooks
Fiction Vixen

also BEWARE OF SPOILERS!! if you have not read the book, please don't spoil it for yourself. you will love it so much more if it is a surprise, I promise you.


oh John Matthew, I am more in love with you than ever and I would never have thought that possible. yeah, just had to throw that out there.

Oh my aching heart moments:

so many of these in general with this book. a lot from John Matthew and Xhex but a ton from Blay and Qhuinn had me bawling like a baby. this was definitely a book to have a box of tissues on hand for, one just won't cut it...unless of course you have no soul, but that's a personal issue, I'm sure.

John Matthew: 'the sob that breached his throat actually made a sound.'

Xhex: the whole time she was stuck with Lash was basically pure heartbreak for me

John Matthew signing into Xhex's palm 'L.O.V.E.U.4.E.V.E.R.'

Blay (to Qhuinn): '"I love you," Blay whispered so quietly that the sound of the rushing water drowned out the words.' (Qhuinn never hears this)

Qhuinn: 'sure as shit felt like he'd been shot in the heart.'

Qhuinn (thinking): 'I miss you. I miss you so fucking bad it hurts, but I don't know how to find you even though you're right in front of me.'

Qhuinn again: 'because of course, "take care of you" was what Qhuinn always said when he was letting someone go.'

OWWWWWWWW, my heart hurts *sniffle*

holy screaming panties moments:

John Matthew and Xhex getting down, holy holy shit it is red hot, burning, need a carton of cigarettes, go stick your head in the freezer HOT.

page 305 where John Matthew licks his fingers! *WHEEZE*

Qhuinn has a tongue ring *DROOL* as if I wasn't totally hot for him already with those nipple rings of his.

Qhuay kissage, although brief. RAWR. in the book, Blay thinks to himself that Qhuinn is 'sex in every breath, every beat, every move.' ummm yeah, nuff said.

anybody have a lighter? *bats lashes in Vishous' direction*

rambling, gush-filled summary:

Lover Mine was so much more than I expected. I was hopeful, of course, but also very nervous after Lover Avenged which I liked but was a difficult read, IMO as well as being light on the romance. thank all the gods that Ward returned to the romance in this book in a big BIG way. the story could not have been done justice otherwise. one of the reasons I love her books so much is her ability to combine the action & the romance so they mesh perfectly.
as to the comments of others regarding this book, the ghost thing was meh & minor compared to my complete satisfaction with the rest of it. I love the Brothers, their slang & fancy product whore ways are just part of them to me. I liked that we got to see the other Brothers & while I would have liked to see more of them, I felt happy with what we were given (except some V action with his table wouldn't have been remiss IMO) *AHEM* s'all I'm sayin'.

Lash, you got better than you deserved, you cocksucking rat bastard.

other things that made me happy:

Lassiter crying at JM & Xhex's mating

it being acknowledged that Butch is V's

the whole mating scene in general-- JM & Tohr getting right with each other, Xhex wearing Wellsie's dress, finding out No'One is her mother, John Matthew signing to Xhex 'come to me. come down to me, my female.' *tears & swooning*

my heart is so full from this book. the anguish and the joy, the pain and heartbreak, but most of all, the love. JR Ward does John Matthew and Xhex's lover superbly in Lover Mine. I couldn't have asked for anything more....

my favorite quote from the book:

John Matthew (mouthing to Xhex):

'I would hold you up. I will ever hold you up and hold you dear, lover mine.'

I am now sniffling again. pass the Kleenex.

not much was talked about in the way of set up for Payne and Manny's book which is up next but perhaps a bit of foreshadowing for the future here in the last lines of the book?

'Fate was not easy...but it got things right. Eventually, everything that came to pass was exactly how it was meant to be.'

I adore this book, I have no doubt it will end up being the best of the year for me. it is absolutely the best in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. to have grown with John Matthew from the scared, skinny boy he was when we first see him to the strong, proud, wonderfully kind male of worth he is now has been a journey that has completely overwhelmed my heart. I couldn't love him more. it has been a very long time for me since a book gave me such a feeling of joy and happiness. I am so thankful for that.

thus endth my swoony gushing ramble. hopefully it didn't have too many of you reaching of a barf bag but if it did...I DON'T CARE =D cause this is all about MY love for Lover Mine.

just in case you haven't had enough gushing, head over to my PIC Sparkly Bearsy's Lover Mine review

smoochies and love



Build Your Own Book Boyfriend

my partner in crime & fellow Gutter Girl sparkly bearsy Tagged me to Build my own Book Boyfriend! I am indecisive as hell AND man crazy so I dunno how this will go, my poor head may explode but I'll give it my best shot!


How do you play?

* Fill out the quiz bellow, post a picture of sexy man and tag five (5) other book addicts to do the same.
* Don't forget to pop to their blogs as let them know they have been tagged!
* Once tagged... you have do do the same, grab the button, answer the questions, and keep it rolling! But don't forget the picture of the sexy man! It doesn't have to match your fantasy man, just a little eye candy for the rest of us.
* And don't forget to go back to the Gutter Girls blog and share your book boyfriend post =)


1- Hair colour and style
I'm with bear on this one, I love me a dark haired man. to be fair, I like any hot man but I usually don't go for blonds. Alexander Skarsgard is a big exception to that rule though *PURR* I prefer him to have hair that's long enough for me to get my hands into it & yank yank yank away but I don't mind short hair (a la Chase) or shaved bald.

2- Eye colour and facial features
oooo I'm a sucker for beautiful eyes & a great smile. that's the 1st thing I notice on a guy. with dark hair, my preferred eye color would be green or blue but I'm not picky, as long as they're beautiful. also long eyelashes are attractive. a strong jaw & nice cheekbones with stubble is hot. but he must must must have a nice white smile & good teeth. bad teeth is a sign to run screaming in the other direction. to top all that off, a pair of lush, kissable, bite-able lips, mmmmmmmmm.

3- Height and body type
I have NEVER had a tall man so for god's sake, he's gotta be 6' or more! anything between 6'0" & 6'6" is fab. he should be built too, nothing too muscular though, I don't like that nasty veiny Gold's Gym musclehead look. just nicely defined. I wouldn't say no to some nipple rings either *RAWR* abs that make me wanna run for my unmentionables so I can scrub them (or something else *AHEM*) all over that washboard. he must have nice arms & a muscular back, YUM. the V, it is imperative that he have the V (aka the sex muscle) on each side of his hips pointing right down to where you wanna be (you know what I mean, sistas.) not too hairy but a nice smattering a la Gerard Butler with a treasure trail *LICK* a fine ass I can't keep my hands off of, I'm talkin' a hand on each cheek, grabbin' that shit, oh YEAH. also nice legs, not skinny chicken legs & well-kept feet. nasty feet are a turn off!

4- Visible age
I don't mind a bit younger or older than me, as long as he's mature (sadly, age does not determine maturity) 25-42.

5- Bangability ie: kinky/bi/size
he's gotta be able to go long & hard, 1 minute men need not apply, sorry! kinky, YES & bi, YES, some manlove mixed in would be a definite WIN. size should be just right, not too big, not too small--nice length & girth & well manscaped. but he's gotta be experienced & know how to work it (gotta know how to work the tongue too!)

6- Human or other
yikes, I have to pick just one? I want 'em all! human, vamp, Were, shifter, fae, Barrons *DROOL* hehe, give them to me NOW! I guess I'll go with bear's answer & say shifter cause he can turn into anything I want. *high fives bt*

7- Paranormal skills
I wouldn't say no to magic, he can poof me whatever I want (MONIES!) super fast, super strong & teleportation is a must! I wouldn't mind if he could fly.

8- Interests
besides my riveting & fabulous self (gag! LOL) =P he has to have his own interests, it's boring otherwise. an intelligent, well-read man is SO attractive. he MUST have a great sense of humor & be funny, that is critical. being into hot cars, sports & motorcycles is fine. being interested in fashion usually equals being well-dressed so that's a win too. oooo & he should be able to cook, cause having a man who can cook for you is SEXY!

9- Habitat
he'll have many places around the world, in different cities & countries. a secluded farm way out in the country, a house on the beach, a big flat in the city, plenty of places to whisk me & my itchy traveling foot, restless spirit & my (sometimes)short attention span away to.

10 Special skills
to know what I want even when I don't, to make me laugh when I wanna cry & to love me for me, even when I'm a gigantic moody pain in the ass.

My candy offering is....

now if any of you see this Book Boyfriend, send him to me IMMEDIATELY!! =D

love n smoochies



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