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Broken (aka this book tied me in tiny, completely emo knots) by Megan Hart

Broken Broken by Megan Hart

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

wow. I don't exactly know what to say. this book was heart-wrenching. I cried, I was turned on, I was pissed off, I ached, I hurt. above all else, it is different. I sometimes read a lot of books that are similar, not in a bad way, just in the way that they have similar themes, situations, etc. this book was unlike anything I've ever read before. the emotional turmoil was incredible. I salute Megan Hart for the brilliant job she did of getting inside Adam, Sadie & Joe's minds & letting the reader know their feelings & thought processes. I liked them, I hated them, I cheered & hurt for them. I love that nothing was black & white, just a myriad of shades of gray. what motivates people to do what they do has always fascinated me & this story completely fulfilled that for me. Kudos, Ms. Hart!

a word of warning: if you are looking for a happy, light-hearted read, look elsewhere. however, if you are looking for a journey, a trial of sorts, seriously consider reading this book.

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xo Amanda said...

I loved this book! Have you read Dirty by Megan?

jaymzangel said...

No, I haven't yet but it is next up on my Megan Hart reading list! Have you read any of her others?

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